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Domestic Freight Shipping

Whether you are moving your home or business, BMC Freight International can provide you with the highest quality of care in domestic delivery services. We are committed to providing packing and shipping solutions to anyone that needs to move items elsewhere in the United States. Unlike other moving companies, we ship to all 50 states and 5 territories of the Americas. We know that every move is different and of high importance, so we work to identify each move’s best solution in specifications. No matter where the move, we will make sure that your things arrive in the best way possible, whether that be by land, sea, or air!

Our domestic shipping services are an entire package, from pickup to delivery. Any type of item can be shipped, from furniture to miscellaneous accessories, without limit to a number of pieces. Because we are experts in getting fragile items to their new place of residency, each individual item is taken into consideration when developing packaging solutions to prevent damage during transit. We design custom boxes to fit obscure items and also add packing materials like heavy-duty double-walled cardboard to prevent damage from protrusion or shifting while being handled and transported. Along with packing services, the domestic shipping package includes paperwork handling and written confirmations so that you will not have to worry about the logistics of your move. You can leave all the hassle to us!

Our expert packing solutions are hard to beat, but if you still aren’t convinced that your things will arrive safely, we also provide insurance for items of each shipment. This service is included in the domestic shipping package to ensure extended peace of mind for our customers. If anything is lost or damaged, you can be sure that it will be refunded in full through our insurance coverage service.

If you are short on time and need furniture, artwork, or other items shipped domestically immediately, not to worry. The professionals at BMC Freight International specialize in guaranteed speedy shipping; offering 1 or 2-day delivery options. Additionally, tracking numbers are provided for all of our domestic shipping projects, giving you accurate information as to where your shipment is at the moment and when your things will arrive.

Since 2010, the professionals at BMC Freight have been providing domestic shipping to well-known antique and art dealers of South Florida. These successful large projects have given us a name in the industry and provided us with a list of returning clientele that requires high-quality shipping services. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction drive us to offer the highest quality of shipping services at affordable prices. Let us show you why we have attained our reputation by letting us be the answer to your private or corporate moving needs.

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    BMC Freight International is a complete packing and shipping company for both commercial and residential customers conveniently located in South Florida. We create individualized custom packing and delivery services for all types of items sent from South Florida to anywhere in the United States and around the world. Whatever delivery services you may be in need of, BMC Freight International can provide you with the utmost commitment to your complete customer satisfaction.

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